March 24, 2010

Spring Break 2010, the beginning

Spring Break... oh, what to say about Spring Break. There were ups (like the rockin' Health Museum), there were downs (breaking down in tears in line at the Space Center) and little in between. Our big plan was to go to San Antonio and Austin but for budget reasons we bought City Passes for Houston. The City Pass included the Space Center, the Zoo, the Aquarium, the Health Museum, the Natural Science Museum and the Children's Museum. If you want to check out Houston for a good price it is certainly the way to go. However, when I bought them I didn't think about the price of gas to drive back and forth to Houston everyday so we had to cram everything in two days. You can read about our adventures in my next few posts.
Before we began our journey our girls had...

They invited three girls from church to come and stay the night while the boys went on a camping trip with their dad.

There were lots of laughs

and life long friendships were made

however, maybe next time I should invite a friend for Melanie.

It was a great start to a wonderful Spring Break.


Lacey said...

That picture of Melanie is HILARIOUS!! Glad you guys had a good Spring Break!! :)

ashley said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun!! The LOVE the picture of Melanie, that's priceless!!