March 9, 2010

Pomp and Circumstances

I did it. I made the plunge. I am registering for the Fall Semester at the community college. This has been such a long time coming. I have used a million in one excuses why I couldn't finish and I guess God decided he was tired of hearing them. I woke up this morning, sat down at the computer, and had this ovewhelming feeling. I went to the financial aid website, applied, got my response. Before I could change my mind I went to the college website, looked up my degree plan (from 10 years ago!) and picked right back up where I left off. The good news is I can take all of my classes online. It's weird the things that the Holy Spirit puts on us. I have been searching my heart for a long time to try and figure out what God's purpose for me is. This morning I woke up and realized I've always known and had such peace with the decision that I knew that I wasn't making a mistake. So, who knows? Stacy and I may end up going to college together. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

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