June 3, 2009

School Happenings in May

May brought us Tony's Field Trip and Siarah's Band Concert

Tony's field trip was to The Woodlands Children's Museum. It was actually pretty fun and the kids seemed to really enjoy it.

My peeps

Tony's Class

Science Experiment

Hopefully a sign of things to come

Ahhh... Red Rover

An end to an exhausting but very fun day.

Siarah plays clarinet in the Intermediate School Band. She was a little disappointed in the fact that she was something like fourteenth chair but it didn't seem to matter much when she realized she got to sit in front. The crowd was outrageous. Standing Room Only! So, given the resourcefulness that is me I let Kamryn snake her way to the front and take some pics. I have to give it to the band. Those fifth graders sounded better than our high school band ever did.

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