June 9, 2009

A Night to Myself

It's true. It happened. I actually got away from my kiddos from one bless-ed evening. Two of my friends were having birthdays and people were coming from out of town. Months in the making the evening turned out to be a blast. Don't believe me? Let me show you ...

The Setting

Dave and Buster's

and Brian O'Neills

The Cast of Characters

Ina and Dante (with a guest appearance by my Misty)

Ina with my best friend from high school Misty

Ina and me with her husband, Dante. Dante and I went to high school together.

Free birthday shots from Brian O'Neills. Ina turned 27 on Sunday. Meka's birthday was the 2nd.


Meka. Meka is a definition all her own. Oh how I love this chicky.

See, don't you wish you were her friend?

Meka and me with Malibu Barbie. What? No wait, that's my friend Stephanie.


Stephanie was my other best friend in high school. Isn't she pretty?

Bryan and Courtney

Who knew my brother in law would be such a ladies man?

My beautiful sister Courtney with Stephanie and Meka


Jeff has a band. Jeff is a rock star.

Being a rock star is hard work.

Especially when you have to deal with the groupies!

(For those concerned we all took a fabulous cab ride to our hotel that evening)

I missed my kiddos like crazy and couldn't wait to get home, but it was by far worth it.

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