June 3, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

Last weekend brought us round 2 in the birthday gauntlet. Stacy turned 14. 14! I remember 14, I'm not ready to handle 14, but alas, here it is. (I had my first real boyfriend at 14. AHHH)

Stacy decided that she wanted to do a mall scavenger hunt for her birthday. Only a few people showed up but that didn't deter her good time.

Here's some of the fun stuff they had to "capture":

wearing prom dresses

laying on a bench

hailing a water taxi

in a bathroom stall

The party was great fun. We did the theme in camo and I gave out camo necklaces to the girls and camo bandanas to the boys. I had so much fun we've decided that we're going to make this a 14 year old birthday tradition. Of course, by the time Melanie's 14 we'll be taking pictures in flying cars, right?

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