June 21, 2008

Things We Take for Granted

This morning I woke up with a startling revelation. My husband was at work (yes, on Saturday), the kids were up and already looking for something to do, and... I had a car! Yea. Since I have had children I have never been without a car. However, since October I have been wheel-less. My sister has been kind enough to let Greg "use" her old car, but it being a standard, has been rendered useless for me. So, for the past months I have been at the mercy of others for last minute diaper runs, or rides to school, or waiting until Greg gets home so that I can load all the children up to go get groceries. But, those days are gone. I woke up this morning, got my children fed and dressed and proceeded to drive myself wherever I needed to go. I felt like a sixteen year old again- with the world at my disposal once more. Tonight I looked at Greg and told him I really wanted a soda. Then, I realized, I could go get one if I wanted. I took for granted so long having a car that I remember actually complaining that I had so much running around to do. Now, I relish in getting behind the wheel and going wherever I need to.
This got me thinking (of course)- what else in my life do I take for granted. I think about my day I had with my unruly children and wonder- how would today have been different if I had enjoyed my children and little more today (even during their antics) instead of worrying about how much I had to do. What about that Bible? When is the last time I dove into that and really appreciated it's holiness. What about God? When is the last time that I sat down and marveled at how truly blessed I really am- how truly awesome God really is. It took a simple thing as a poor second hand car to make me appreciate the glory of the universe- from this day on I have a whole new perspective to go with my "new" car.

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