June 18, 2008

A "Beachy" Day

One of the things I loved as a child was going to the beach with my family. Our whole extended family would go for a few days and camp out on the beach. So, once my children were old enough I wanted them to experience the same thing. Today we went for a "trial" run. One day with one cousin. After dropping off the baby we headed out. Today was the perfect day for the beach. No one there, light breeze, and tiny "tot sized" waves. It was quite a relaxing and enjoyable day. The only problem, actually, was with me. I LOVE the beach, the ocean, everything but I absolutely cannot stand sand on my skin. In the water I'm fine- out I am very cautious not to get any on me. My sister, of course, knows this. So therefor took the opportunity to put a handful of mud in my bathing suit. As I am - of course- wigging out Kamryn looks at me reassuringly and gives me the kid quote of the day..." Don't worry Mommy, one day you'll laugh at this"! And I did.

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