June 11, 2008

He Will Provide

So, a month since I posted anything. Not a very good start, but I'm sure things will get better from here. This past month has been trying to say the least. Greg's job has taken a turn with the economy - not good news. However, God has continued to provide. It's hard to see sometimes when all of my wants are not met, but God has taken care of the needs. He always has. This week has been a prime example. Friday Greg's check was less than ample. We debated heavily on whether we could afford to buy the things for church that I had already committed to. I prayed, we talked, and came to the conclusion that 1) this church wouldn't work unless everyone came together and made similar sacrifices (which I know others have made bigger ones than our $50.00) 2) if this is where God wanted our money then who are we to argue. We are accustomed to tithing therefore this idea is not foreign to us - just hard to do sometimes. So, setting out to the store we frugally purchased everything we needed. The kids didn't understand why this week we couldn't get go-gurts and cheesesticks, etc for snacks but all in all I thought we were doing okay. I have been more creative in the kitchen, to say the least, and trust me- it's not gonna hurt me to miss a few mid-morning snacks. Besides, Greg gets paid every Friday. What's one week without a Dr. Pepper? However, when my grandmother caught wind off our "situation" she appeared on our doorstep with bags of groceries that were "just sitting in her cabinet not being used". As well as newly bought snacks and Popsicles for the kids. My grandmother cannot stand to see the kiddos go without their daily snacks! Hence, the provision of God. My grandmother brought more food than I probably would have bought at the store and a lot of different things I probably would never had tried. Lately I have been having a hard time seeing "The Big Guy" in my daily life and have questioned it. He used a situation that I thought was not even that big of a deal to not only remind me that he will provide for me but that he still cares about the little things in my life. Our God is an awesome God!

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ChrissyK said...

Very cool. It is amazing how even the little things matter to God and how he still provides for us. In instances like this...we see that what matters to us, no matter how big or small...really do matter to Him. :)