August 3, 2009

Covert Christian

What if you did not have the religious freedom our country allows? Would people still be able to tell you were a Christian? This is a question that was posed in an online devotional from Proverbs 31 I received today.

Hmmmm... well, hmmm...

What if we weren't allowed to post on Facebook all the Christian like things we do and quote how awesome our God is. What if you weren't allowed to wear your cross necklace, have your "In Case of Rapture..." bumper sticker, or pray in the middle of a restaurant so that everyone can see how great a Christian you are? What if you were never permitted to say the name of Jesus aloud? Would people still know you were a Christian? Would people still look at your life and notice something different or would you blend right into the crowd?

Tough question, huh.

If I look at the ugly truth I think that I would blend. There is said it. I'm a blender. It's awful, I know. But, I am working to change it. I would love to live the life of a covert Christian. I would love to live a life where, even if I was never able to profess it out loud, that people would look at my life and think that I was a person set apart- as God has called us to be. So, off I go living my life out loud- as quietly as possible.

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