April 2, 2009

Finding His Bliss

For those of you who haven't heard Greg landed the job as a correctional officer in Huntsville. The job entails 5 weeks of intensive training and living in on-campus dorms. To say that my husband is loving every bit of it would be an understatement. Right now, he is second in his class of 75 people, if you can believe that! Having him gone for 5 days out of 7 has been kinda weird, especially after having him home (read: up my butt) for two months. He, however, feels like he is in college. I can't help but laugh after I get off the phone with him, because "he has lots of studying to do". I mean, really, your 33 years old. But, whatever makes him happy... and this truly does.
God has truly answered my prayers. I always have very specific prayers and it is truly awe inspiring when God answers them down to the most specific points. For example: my prayer for Greg's job (this is before he lost his job) 1) that he would find a job that truly made him happy and feel worthy 2) that he would find a job that could financially support us 3) that he would find a job that was secure, not according to mom and pop whims 4) that he would be paid a set salary and paid once a month 5) that he would have room for advancement. God answered those prayers down to the smallest detail. Now, I realize that God could have vetoed all of my ideas and I would have been okay with that, but to see our desires line up so obviously with God's if wonderful for us.
Please pray for Greg and his continued success through his training. I'll keep everyone posted...

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