April 17, 2009

Easter Fun

Getting our family together for any event is always an adventure, but Easter almost always turns out to be the most fun. Each year, on Saturday, our whole family gets together and does an Easter Egg Hunt.

The children are always very patie
nt while the eggs are hidden

Well, most of the time

Sometimes they need a little distraction (my sister does a fabulous gorilla impression)

Then, when they are finally allowed free. They search for hours for lots of candy filled goodness

We all then regroup and partake of the Easter feast
(read: gossip about everyone who isn't there)

Of, course after all that food and candy the kids then have a great time playing together

And the adults, well... the adults

You would expect no less, right?

Don't ya just wish you were a part of my family?

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ashley said...

Awe, looks like you guys had a wonderful Easter!!