September 10, 2008

And the award for worst blogger...

Goes to me! I know, it's been a while. Therefore, I will spare everyone lengthy details of the past few weeks and just hit the highlights.

Highlight #1
The Brat Pack on the first day

The older girls thought pictures were ridiculous. Go figure! School is going well. We're on week three and everything is beginning to smooth out. Homework is getting easier to handle, behavior issues are under control, and everyone LOVES going. Yea for me. I couldn't imagine trying to deal with a child who hated to go to school. The older girls talk mostly about friends and boys but, hey, there talking. From what I hear about teenagers that's a good sign.

Highlight #2
Free Time

Yes, I have some of that now. Yea. Steff and I have headed back to the gym this week. We went all the time last year while the kids were in school and I was actually kind of missing it. Yesterday we actually debated taking a spin class. Then, when finally decided to go there was only one bike. A sure sign from God I told her. I am not meant to take spin. I mean, seriously, have you seen my butt? Have you seen those seats? 'Nuff said!

Highlight #3

We have started at our church our own mom's group. I am so excited. We've had a great response and I have such a postive feeling about it. I can't wait for it to start.

Highlight #4
Poor service at restaurants

My sister touched on this in her blog so I spare all of the details. But, for the first time in forever, we actually had great service at a restaurant. The Cheesecake Factory has redeemed itself since Joy's frozen cake fiasco. Our waiter was friendly and attentive. Our food came out in proper order, on time, brought by our own waiter (no food auction- you know, what you have to go through when someone other than your waiter brings your food and they're all... "now, who had the mahi mahi with brown rice, who had the white rice, etc. I HATE the food auction!) Anyway, I was beginning to wonder if quality service had gone by the wayside. (If you want a funny story about poor service go read Tanni's story under The Gerwick Family. It's hilarious!)

Highlight #5
New Job

My husband has had 2 interviews for new jobs this week. One for the Walmart Distribution Center and one for UPS. With both jobs together he will barely be making more than he is now but the perks far out way that. The WDC is right down the street, has set hours, and pays more than he's making now (and comes with a Walmart Discount) and UPS is only part time, but it gets his foot in the door for a career job there. Yea for us. Things are starting to look up!

Well, that's about it in a nutshell. I will try and stay more current, but we all know how that goes.


Tanni said...

Good to hear from you on your blog. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I will see you tonight! :)


Emily said...

I love your updates. You crack me up. I can't wait to hear about the job status!!

Mike and Jess Richey said...

Keep us updated! Sounds like lots of great things are happening for you guys!

Kristyn Laughter said...

I am glad that things are going well. By the way---I tagged you on my blog!!