July 9, 2008

This Message Will Self Destruct

Actually, the title should read "This message will destruct self". Let's start at the beginning. Yesterday I received an email from our pastor. A very innocuous email I am sure he thought. However, due to the very nature of emails being completely void of any emotion, I promptly misinterpreted the whole thing. After sending a not so pleasant reply (my feelings had been extremely hurt by my misinterpretation) I received the kindest letter in response explaining my misconception. This was above and beyond a simple open mouth-insert foot fiasco. I was so completely embarrassed by my reaction I actually cried (and I just do not do that). So, from now on, I will not shoot off an email upon my immediate reaction. I will take a day or so to mull over the intent if it is not clear to me. Pray over it and then calmly and rationally, with guidance, respond. So, if you send me a message and I do not respond, know that I am thinking it over and trying to keep my message, and myself, from destructing.

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