July 18, 2009

Just A Little Hello

I'm back. I don't know for how long but for now I'll be blogging away. We are in and beginning to become settled in our new house. But for window a/c units the house is just once step up from perfect for us. Mainly because the house is far from perfect by worldly standards therefor perfect for us. We still have two rooms full of boxes, and I have been sharing a bed with 3 of my kiddos, who all have their own rooms, but I still wouldn't trade it.
I have been diligently preparing for homeschool. I got very lucky when unpacking my boxes I found a lot of homeschooling curriculum a woman I used to work with gave me before Kamryn even started kindergarten! It was almost everything I needed to get this school year started. Many books that I was about to purchase! What an awesome reminder of how God provides for us and how he knows our plans long before we do.
We celebrated Melanie and TJ's birthday with an actual party recently (as you may remember those kiddos birthday's were a month ago- but , nobodies perfect, right?) Siarah turned 12 yesterday! Yikes. Next year I'll be dealing with two teens, one starting to drive, and I won't even be thirty! There's God's sense of humor for you. Kamryn will be 8 on Tuesday. My baby will be 8. I don't want to even think about it.
Greg has been living in Huntsville and only coming home on his days off. Talk about absence making the heart fonder. I miss my husband like crazy. But that's a whole other day of blogging. So, I've been trying out this single parent thing. It's tough, but thank goodness for Xbox and gogurts. They truly are my sanity.
Well, that's about it in a nutshell. Stay tuned...


ChrissyK said...

I am glad that you are enjoying your new house... home. That is wonderful and I am happy for you. I still look forward to that day when I can call a house my own. :O) Miss ya

Tanni said...

I am glad you are settling in. Hope to see you soon! :)