May 9, 2009

I Think Sardines Have More Room

We're still at my sisters. I had really hoped that we would be able to move out sooner but it looks like it's going to be June 1st. I love being here with my sister but sometimes it does feel like sardines have more room to move than we do. When my older two were staying with Courtney (my other fabulous sister) and Greg was in the dorms training it wasn't that bad. Now, everyone is Home Sweet Home. Kids really need space and that is something that is sorely lacking. And privacy. But, I love my sister for letting us stay here and you will never here me complain.

We have been praying for the perfect house for us. We have found a fabulous 1900 sq foot home, halfway between Greg's work and my family, with 4 bedrooms, and on 3 acres of land (with 2 acres of wooded area- with a creek). Please keep us in your prayers when you can. This really would be the answer to our prayers! For those who need a little visual motivation, here's a picture of the house:

Thank you all!!


Tanni said...

I can only imagine how this transition has been for you, but you are almost there. I hope that you get this house! :)

The Sidhe said...
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ashley said...

I love the new blog look! I know it must be difficult to not have your own space, but you're very close to having your own home again! Your sister is awesome!! I will pray that you guys get the home you want, it looks & sounds so perfect!!